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Noise reduction

Reduction of wear and the coefficient of friction

Increased durability and efficiency of the component

Increased performance at high and low temperatures

We improve the performance of mechanical and electromechanical components, developing custom specialty lubricants able to: 

  • Optimize reliability at high and low temperatures
  • Reduce noise
  • Protect from oxidation and rust 
  • Check the friction coefficient 
  • Reduce wear from friction

Catalogue 2014


The catalog provides a detailed overview of all products and services offered by our company, divided by categories. You will also find all the information about the history, values ​​and mission that we pursue every day.

Available in PDF | 2.5 Mb.




  • ELECTRICGREASE CN 6005: synthetic grease for separable electrical connectors for the automotive industry.

    For removal of the insertion forces, reduction in wear owing to contact, and tribocorrosion, a lubricant... [read more]

  • FLUORENTE: Lubricants for fluorinated tribosystems.

    Based on the success achieved with the Fluorogrease series, Macon Research is announcing the completion of the... [read more]

  • DYNAMIC ACTIVE COMPOUNDS: lubrication, reduced noise and wear.

    The production of electromechanical components often requires the use of lubricant solutions that add performance.... [read more]


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