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The propagation of annoying vibrations in the dashboard of a vehicle, the active control of a kinematic mechanism, noise reduction in gearmotors, bearings and chains during operation, the smooth and noise-free operation of a potentiometer, the smooth and silent movement of a photographic lens or a microscope ... these are just some of the countless problems that a mechanical designer must face and often resolve with complex and costly design manoeuvres.

Want to reduce vibration and noise? 


A "fundamental" and "economical" aid for the designer.

Macon Research has completed the range of DAC (Dynamic Active Compound) solutions with which wear, noise and active motion control issues can be resolved simultaneously. The technologies developed for DAC solutions have been transferred to the traditional lubrication of mechanical elements with great success. 


Rheofluid L-series Siliconic -- -40 + 200°C Linear dampers
Rheofluid H-series Siliconic -- -40 + 200°C Rotary dampers
Product Base Fluid Thickeners/Additives/Solid Lubricants Temperature Range Application
Adhesive Grease 92 Semi-synthetic Metal soap/synthetic polymer -20 to +150° C Low-speed rack pinion
Tixogel S-380 Synthetic polymer Inorganic/solid lubricants -5 to +160° C Heavy-duty rotary dampers
Plastilub HK-439 Synthetic polymer Gel/solid lubricants -5 to +160° C Non-oil-tightened safety retarders
Damping Fluid R series Synthetic polymer Inorganic/solid lubricants 0 to 150° C (approximately) Torsion dampers for top-loading washing machine drum
Rheofluid K-3510 Synthetic Gel/solid lubricants -20 to +200° C Torsional shock absorber curtain winder
Dampgel G series   PAO Gel -40 to +140° C (approximately) Synthetic gel with high dynamic viscosity

• Greases • Oils


Mechanical vibration reduction and noise inhibition

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