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How to optimise the operation of a gearmotor


Lubricants for gearmotors

Optimising the operation of a gearmotor means keeping it in perfect condition, through continuous and scheduled maintenance, careful checks on the component and adequate lubrication, both in qualitative and quantitative terms.

Depending on the context of operation and the type of design of the gearmotor, two different types of lubrication can be distinguished:


Long-life lubricant

This is the case in which the gearmotor is installed without the possibility of replacement or maintenance of the same. The specific lubricant is inserted into the gearbox by the manufacturer, after which no maintenance, relubrication or servicing is required. For this reason, it is advisable to choose and test the effectiveness of the lubricant a priori through appropriate performance tests.


Periodic lubrication

This is when oil replacement and/or top-up cycles are defined in advance to restore the original lubrication conditions.

In this article, we will deal with the second case.


Gearmotor control protocol

The first good piece of advice is to create a real protocol of the operations and necessary checks to be carried out periodically, so as to be immediately able to intervene in case of need to optimise the operation of the gearmotor.

How can this protocol be created? This is a very subjective step that depends on how your work is organised and the area of ​​reference but there are certainly some small tricks that you can systematically apply day after day, such as:

  • Make sure that the vibration and noise levels do not undergo too significant variations in intensity, a symptom of poor lubrication or bearing failure

  • Check that there are no excessive variations in temperature compared to normal operating conditions, also a symptom of excessive wear of the bearings or a lowering oil level
  • Make sure there are no large-scale lubricant leaks near the gearmotor

  • Perform periodic analyses on the state and composition of the oil

  • Check for any change in viscosity and any increase in the metal content (symptom of mechanical wear in progress)

These simple and quick operations, easily achievable in everyday life, even several times a day if you have the possibility, can really make a big difference in the operation of the gearmotor in the long run.


Gearmotor maintenance

Optimising also means reducing work adjustment interventions and consequently the time dedicated to such operations which, as we all know, often means lost money.

For this reason, beyond the small routine checks, it is very important to have a fixed and well-planned maintenance procedure, so that the operation of the gearmotor is as efficient and constant as possible over time.


Oil changes

Make an initial transition after the first 150 hours or so in operation then change it every 2,500 hours or at least once a year, obviously depending on how much you use the gearmotor in question.



Also based on the usage, periodically clean the external surfaces of the gearbox, eliminating dust or any oil deposits, using suitable products compatible with the operation of your gearmotor.


Gearmotor lubricant

If, on the other hand, you do not use your gearmotor so often, in order to maintain it over time, we recommend protecting it from rust and corrosion through a suitable and specific antioxidant protective lubricant, starting it up at least once a month.


The importance of lubrication in the operation of the gearmotor

The optimisation of the operation of the gearmotor, and consequently also that of the company's work, are increasingly linked to the correct lubrication of production machinery and their components.

A machine in general is not damaged only by the lack of oil (which can cause extensive damage to the first protective layers of the metals) but also by excessive use which, to the contrary, causes a situation of overpressure that leads to oil leakage - being very serious in sterile work environments such as the food or pharmaceutical one.

This is why it is important to adopt the right precautions and the right control rules but also to have specific and top-quality products, created specifically for the operating needs of the gearmotor, which may not always be the same.


To understand which lubricant is best suited to the operation of your gearmotor, click below and request a test sample!





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Marco Gandelli

Written by Marco Gandelli

Entrepreneur and Co-founder of Macon Research. An expert and enthusiast in lubrication mechanics and chemistry. For 15 years, having conducted thousands of analyses on electro-mechanical devices, Marco has been formulating tailor-made lubricant solutions for designers to increase efficiency, duration and control of friction. He is also a big fan of efficiency in business processes and digital marketing.

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