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Industrial Lubricants 20/01/2023

Adhesive lubricating grease and adhesion of mechanical components

Grasso lubrificante adesivo e aderenza delle componenti meccaniche

"Adhesion of a lubricating grease"

When it comes to lubricating grease, it is very important to get proper information on its adhesiveness to properly understand its applicability and, consequently, understand if this is the best grease for your needs.

The adhesiveness of a lubricating grease is the key aspect for fully understanding its cohesive power, as the maximum and average ability to remain "glued" to the friction point without being centrifuged during operations.

To measure this capacity, it is useful to carry out a small test: measure the force necessary to separate two surfaces between which a lubricating film with a thickness of 1 millimetre is interposed. By repeating this test several times over, it is also possible to verify its average resistance and stability.


Difference between adhesion and friction for lubrication purposes

Adhesion is defined as the force that opposes the sliding of two surfaces in contact with each other and whose extension determines this force. This aspect distinguishes adhesion from friction, depending on the normal forces to which it is subjected during operation.

Improper grip of the components can lead to malfunction or even their breakage, with significant economic damage to your business. A lubricating grease with a high coefficient of adhesion is essential for many components within the mechanical industry, including:

  • Uncovered gears
  • Toothed wheels
  • Conveyors
  • Motion chains
  • Shears
  • Presses
  • Winches

In general, the high adhesion of a lubricating grease creates a perfect barrier on the surface of the component which, by gripping flawlessly to the entire surface, protects it from moisture and water, compensating for even small irregularities in shape and material.


Choose the right adhesive grease

Incorrect lubrication of your equipment (for example, manual operation that is too frequent and/or has incorrect timing, or even the use of automatic lubricators containing the wrong lubricant) can cause serious damage to your systems.

Your objective must always be to use the correct lubricating grease, in the right quantity, with the most appropriate characteristics for the operation of your machinery. Only this approach will allow you to achieve a constant level of protection and lubrication, capable of extending the life of your components by up to 30%.

This is why at Macon Research, we have decided to adopt a product customisation philosophy, to provide you with your own lubricating grease built on your needs.

An example? The "ADD ON SMALL BATCH" production system, distinguished by an elastic and very versatile process, ideal for creating a new "tailor-made" lubricating grease or refining solutions already on the market.

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Marco Gandelli

Written by Marco Gandelli

Entrepreneur and Co-founder of Macon Research. An expert and enthusiast in lubrication mechanics and chemistry. For 15 years, having conducted thousands of analyses on electro-mechanical devices, Marco has been formulating tailor-made lubricant solutions for designers to increase efficiency, duration and control of friction. He is also a big fan of efficiency in business processes and digital marketing.

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